Bureau K2 draagt bij aan de New Urban Agenda

Op 20 oktober 2016 is op de VN-Habitat III conferentie in Quito de New Urban Agenda aangenomen.

Deze levert voor de lidstaten, en dus ook voor Nederlandse gemeenten, verplichtingen en aanwijzingen voor het beleid op, die moeten worden toegepast.

New Urban Agenda - Implementation plan

37. "We commit ourselves to promoting safe, inclusive, accessible, green and quality public spaces, including streets, sidewalks and cycling lanes, squares, waterfront areas, gardens and parks, that are multifunctional areas for social interaction and inclusion, human health and well-being, economic exchange, and cultural expression."

New Urban Agenda - Our Shared Vision

"We envisage cities and human settlements that:

  • are participatory
  • promote civic engagement
  • engender a sense of belonging and ownership among all their inhabitants
  • prioritize safe, inclusive, accessible, green and quality public spaces, friendly for families
  • enhance social and intergenerational interactions, cultural expressions and political participation, as appropriate
  • foster social cohesion, inclusion and safety in peaceful and pluralistic societies, where the needs of all inhabitants are met, recognizing the specific needs of those in vulnerable situations."